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Parkland Retail Canada supplies and supports a network of 1,850+ retail gas stations in Canada operating under many key retail brands including Ultramar, Esso, Fas Gas Plus, Chevron, Pioneer and Race Trac. In addition, Parkland owns and operates Canada’s leading convenience store brand, On the Run / Marché Express, along with other known convenience store brands.

Parkland Retail operates under two main models:

  1. Company owned (Company or retailer operated sites) and,
  2. Dealer or Parkland owned (Dealer operated or dealer consigned) sites.

Parkland Retail leads the Canadian Marketplace

85% of Canadians live 15 minutes from a Parkland location

1 in 6 stations in Canada are owned, operated or supplied by Parkland

Parkland is a leading fuel marketer and convenience operator with a strong supply advantage. 

  Ultramar Esso fasgas Chevron Pioneer RaceTrac Other Total
Company Sites 151 70 90 161 120 1 11 604
Dealer Sites 490 520 100 18 37 65 21 1251
Site Count as at September 30, 2018  641 590 190 179 157 66 32 1855


Parkland Commercial Canada delivers bulk fuel, bulk and cylinder exchange propane, heating oil, lubricants and other related products and services to commercial, industrial and residential customers in Canada through an extensive delivery network. Parkland Commercial uses a variety of regionally relevant trade names, including; Ultramar, Bluewave Energy, Pipeline Commercial, Chevron, Columbia Fuels, Island Petroleum, Sparlings Propane and PNE.

Commercial Operations

  • Branch locations: 101
  • Cardlock locations: 180
  • Distribution centres: 7

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