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$1.194/Share Annual Dividend

Parkland shareholders are eligible to receive $1.194 per share per year in dividends, paid monthly as a cash dividend of $0.0995 per share.

In addition to the option of receiving a monthly cash dividend of $0.0995 per share, the enhanced Dividend Reinvestment Plan allows shareholders to repurchase shares with their dividend at a 5% discount to the volume weighted average price as defined by the Plan.

Those shareholders who do not elect to participate in the enhanced Dividend Reinvestment Plan will still receive their regular monthly dividend of $0.0995 per share.  

Parkland's Dividend Reinvestment Plan

Parkland Fuel Corporation's Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) provides shareholders with several options to participate in the company's growth while maximizing value. In addition to the option of receiving a monthly cash dividend of $0.0995, investors who wish to reinvest their dividends in the Corporation will be able to access the following options:

Participation in the Dividend Reinvestment Plan is restricted to Canadian Shareholders. The complications that arise due to differences in securities regulations in foreign jurisdictions make it impractical to offer this program to investors outside of Canada.

Dividend Reinvestment  Shareholders receive a 5% discount on shares purchased through the Dividend Reinvestment Plan which is well suited to most value-oriented investors.

Those shareholders who do not elect to participate in either component of the plan will still receive their regular monthly dividend of $0.0995 per share.


Registered shareholders are those investors who hold actual Parkland share certificates.

In order for registered shareholders who are currently enrolled in the Plan to continue to participate they will be required to re-enroll by delivering a properly completed enrollment form to Computershare, no later than 3:00 p.m. (Calgary time) on the fifth business day preceding a dividend record date in order to participate for the corresponding dividend payment date.

Questions may be directed to Computershare by calling 1-800-564-6253.

Enrollment Form

Dividend History

The following tables provide both historical payments to shareholders as well as planned future dividend payments that have not yet been paid. The information is grouped by year with the record date, date of payment and the amount paid to shareholders (or previous holders of units in Parkland Income Fund). 

Please note that the value of the payments in these tables have not been adjusted for stock splits or other corporate actions. Corporate actions affecting distributions / dividends are noted accordingly under each table.  Special distributions are also noted.


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
20-Dec-19 TBA 15-Jan-20
22-Nov-19 TBA 13-Dec-19
22-Oct-19 TBA 15-Nov-19
20-Sep-19 TBA 15-Oct-19
22-Aug-19 TBA 13-Sep-19
22-Jul-19 TBA 15-Aug-19
21-Jun-19 TBA 15-Jul-19
23-May-19 TBA 14-Jun-19
23-Apr-19 TBA 15-May-19
22-Mar-19 $0.0995 15-Apr-19
25-Feb-19 $0.0978 15-Mar-19
22-Jan-19 $0.0978 15-Feb-19


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
21-Dec-18 $0.0978 15-Jan-19
22-Nov-18 $0.0978 14-Dec-18
22-Oct-18 $0.0978 15-Nov-18
21-Sep-18 $0.0978 15-Oct-18
22-Aug-18 $0.0978 14-Sep-18
20-Jul-18 $0.0978 15-Aug-18
22-Jun-18 $0.0978 13-Jul-18
23-May-18 $0.0978 15-Jun-18
20-Apr-18 $0.0978 15-May-18
22-Mar-18 $0.0978 13-Apr-18
23-Feb-18 $0.0962 15-Mar-18
22-Jan-18 $0.0962 15-Feb-18


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
22-Dec-17 $0.0962 15-Jan-18
22-Nov-17 $0.0962 15-Dec-17
20-Oct-17 $0.0962 15-Nov-17
22-Sep-17 $0.0962 13-Oct-17
22-Aug-17 $0.0962 15-Sep-17
21-Jul-17 $0.0962 15-Aug-17
22-Jun-17 $0.0962 14-Jul-17
23-May-17 $0.0962 15-Jun-17
21-Apr-17 $0.0962 15-May-17
22-Mar-17 $0.0962 13-Apr-17
23-Feb-17 $0.0945 15-Mar-17
20-Jan-17 $0.0945 15-Feb-17


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
22-Dec-16 $0.0945 13-Jan-17
22-Nov-16 $0.0945 15-Dec-16
19-Oct-16 $0.0945 15-Nov-16
22-Sep-16 $0.0945 14-Oct-16
22-Aug-16 $0.0945 15-Sep-16
22-Jul-16 $0.0945 15-Aug-16
22-Jun-16 $0.0945 15-Jul-16
20-May-16 $0.0945 15-Jun-16
22-Apr-16 $0.0945 13-May-16
22-Mar-16 $0.0945 15-Apr-16
22-Feb-16 $0.0900 15-Mar-16
22-Jan-16 $0.0900 12-Feb-16


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
22-Dec-15 $0.0900 15-Jan-16
22-Nov-15 $0.0900 15-Dec-15
22-Oct-15 $0.0900 13-Nov-15
22-Sep-15 $0.0900 15-Oct-15
21-Aug-15 $0.0900 15-Sep-15
22-Jul-15 $0.0900 14-Aug-15
22-Jun-15 $0.0900 15-Jul-15
25-May-15 $0.0900 15-Jun-15
22-Apr-15 $0.0900 15-May-15
20-Mar-15 $0.0900 15-Apr-15
23-Feb-15 $0.0883 13-Mar-15
22-Jan-15 $0.0883 13-Feb-15


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
22-Dec-14 $0.0883 15-Jan-15
21-Nov-14 $0.0883 14-Dec-14
22-Oct-14 $0.0883 14-Nov-14
22-Sep-14 $0.0883 15-Oct-14
22-Aug-14 $0.0883 15-Sep-14
22-Jul-14 $0.0883 15-Aug-14
20-Jun-14 $0.0883 15-Jul-14
23-May-14 $0.0883 13-Jun-14
23-Apr-14 $0.0883 15-May-14
21-Mar-14 $0.0883 15-Apr-14
24-Feb-14 $0.0867 14-Mar-14
22-Jan-14 $0.0867 14-Feb-14


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
20-Dec-13 $0.0867 15-Jan-14
22-Nov-13 $0.0867 13-Dec-13
22-Oct-13 $0.0867 15-Nov-13
20-Sep-13 $0.0867 15-Oct-13
22-Aug-13 $0.0867 13-Sep-13
22-Jul-13 $0.0867 15-Aug-13
21-Jun-13 $0.0867 15-Jul-13
23-May-13 $0.0867 14-Jun-13
22-Apr-13 $0.0867 15-May-13
22-Mar-13 $0.0867 15-Apr-13
25-Feb-13 $0.085 15-Mar-13
22-Jan-13 $0.085 15-Feb-13


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
21-Dec-12 $0.085 15-Jan-13
22-Nov-12 $0.085 14-Dec-12
22-Oct-12 $0.085 15-Nov-12
21-Sep-12 $0.085 15-Oct-12
22-Aug-12 $0.085 14-Sep-12
20-Jul-12 $0.085 15-Aug-12
22-Jun-12 $0.085 13-Jul-12
23-May-12 $0.085 15-Jun-12
20-Apr-12 $0.085 15-May-12
22-Mar-12 $0.085 13-Apr-12
23-Feb-12 $0.085 15-Mar-12
20-Jan-12 $0.085 15-Feb-12


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
22-Dec-11 $0.085 13-Jan-12
22-Nov-11 $0.085 15-Dec-11
21-Oct-11 $0.085 15-Nov-11
22-Sep-11 $0.085 14-Oct-11
22-Aug-11 $0.085 15-Sep-11
22-Jul-11 $0.085 15-Aug-11
22-Jun-11 $0.085 15-Jul-11
20-May-11 $0.085 15-Jun-11
25-Apr-11 $0.085 13-May-11
22-Mar-11 $0.085 15-Apr-11
23-Feb-11 $0.085 15-Mar-11
21-Jan-11 $0.085 (1) 15-Feb-11

(1) On December 31, 2010 Parkland Income Fund converted to the corporate entity Parkland Fuel Corporation and became taxable as a corporation. In preparation for this, on November 26, 2010 Parkland announced its dividend policy as a corporate entity. This policy was set to ensure that 1. The tax affected corporate entity had sufficient cashflow to operate and pay taxes; 2. Under stress conditions the dividend would be sustainable; and 3. Owners holding their shares outside of a registered account would receive either an equal or greater benefit after tax. 


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
31-Dec-10 $0.105 14-Jan-11
30-Nov-10 $0.105 15-Dec-10
29-Oct-10 $0.105 15-Nov-10
30-Sep-10 $0.105 15-Oct-10
31-Aug-10 $0.105 15-Sep-10
30-Jul-10 $0.105 13-Aug-10
30-Jun-10 $0.105 15-Jul-10
31-May-10 $0.105 15-Jun-10
30-Apr-10 $0.105 14-May-10
31-Mar-10 $0.105 15-Apr-10
26-Feb-10 $0.105 15-Mar-10
29-Jan-10 $0.105 15-Feb-10


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
31-Dec-09 $0.105 15-Jan-10
30-Nov-09 $0.105 15-Dec-09
30-Oct-09 $0.105 15-Nov-09
30-Sep-09 $0.105 15-Oct-09
31-Aug-09 $0.105 15-Sep-09
31-Jul-09 $0.105 14-Aug-09
30-Jun-09 $0.105 15-Jul-09
29-May-09 $0.105 15-Jun-09
30-Apr-09 $0.105 15-May-09
31-Mar-09 $0.105 15-Apr-09
27-Feb-09 $0.105 13-Mar-09
30-Jan-09 $0.105 13-Feb-09


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
31-Dec-08 $0.105 15-Jan-09
28-Nov-08 $0.105 15-Dec-08
31-Oct-08 $0.105 14-Nov-08
30-Sep-08 $0.105 15-Oct-08
29-Aug-08 $0.105 15-Sep-08
31-Jul-08 $0.105 15-Aug-08
30-Jun-08 $0.105 15-Jul-08
30-May-08 $0.105 13-Jun-08
30-Apr-08 $0.105 15-May-08
31-Mar-08 $0.105 15-Apr-08
29-Feb-08 $0.105 14-Mar-08
31-Jan-08 $0.105 15-Feb-08


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
31-Dec-07 $0.105 15-Jan-08
31-Dec-07 $0.77 (1) 15-Jan-08
30-Nov-07 $0.0967 14-Dec-07
31-Oct-07 $0.0967 15-Nov-07
28-Sep-07 $0.0967 15-Oct-07
31-Aug-07 $0.0967 14-Sep-07
31-Jul-07 $0.0967 15-Aug-07
29-Jun-07 $0.0967 13-Jul-07
31-May-07 $0.0967(2) 15-Jun-07
30-Apr-07 $0.24 15-May-07
30-Mar-07 $0.24 13-Apr-07
28-Feb-07 $0.24 15-Mar-07
31-Jan-07 $0.24 15-Feb-07

(1) Represents a special distribution announced Dec 17, 2007. Of the $0.77 special distribution $0.42 was paid by way of Fund Units (2) On May 4, 2007, the Parkland Board of Directors approved a division of the trust units of the Fund on a three for one basis.


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
29-Dec-06 $0.22 15-Jan-07
29-Dec-06 $1.05 (1) 15-Jan-07
29-Dec-06 $1.20 (2) 15-Feb-07
30-Nov-06 $0.22 15-Dec-06
31-Oct-06 $0.20 15-Nov-06
29-Sep-06 $0.20 13-Oct-06
31-Aug-06 $0.20 15-Sep-06
31-Jul-06 $0.18 15-Aug-06
30-Jun-06 $0.18 14-Jul-06
31-May-06 $0.18 15-Jun-06
28-Apr-06 $0.17 15-May-06
31-Mar-06 $0.17 13-Apr-06
28-Feb-06 $0.17 15-Mar-06
31-Jan-06 $0.17 15-Feb-06

(1) Represents the first portion of a special distribution. (2) Represents the second portion of the special distribution and was distributed to Unitholders by way of Trust Units.

On December 15, 2006 the Board of Directors met to review the results of operations for 2006, the cash balance on hand and the tdketdhood of completing an acquisition and declared a special distribution to be paid as to $1.05 per unit in cash on January 15, 2007 and as to $1.20 per unit in additional units on February 15, 2007. The monthly distribution was increased to $0.24 per unit for holders of record on January 31, 2007.


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
30-Dec-05 $0.10 13-Jan-06 - Special
30-Dec-05 $0.17 13-Jan-06
30-Nov-05 $0.17 15-Dec-05
31-Oct-05 $0.15 15-Nov-05
30-Sep-05 $0.15 14-Oct-05
31-Aug-05 $0.15 15-Sep-05
29-Jul-05 $0.15 15-Aug-05
30-Jun-05 $0.15 15-Jul-05
31-May-05 $0.15 15-Jun-05
29-Apr-05 $0.15 13-May-05
31-Mar-05 $0.15 15-Apr-05
28-Feb-05 $0.15 15-Mar-05
31-Jan-05 $0.15 15-Feb-05


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
31-Dec-04 $0.15 14-Jan-05
30-Nov-04 $0.15 15-Dec-04
29-Oct-04 $0.15 15-Nov-04
30-Sep-04 $0.15 15-Oct-04
31-Aug-04 $0.15 15-Sep-04
31-Jul-04 $0.14 13-Aug-04
30-Jun-04 $0.14 15-Jul-04
31-May-04 $0.14 15-Jun-04
30-Apr-04 $0.14 14-May-04
31-Mar-04 $0.14 15-Apr-04
29-Feb-04 $0.14 15-Mar-04
30-Jan-04 $0.14 13-Feb-04 


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
31-Dec-03 $0.14 15-Jan-04
28-Nov-03 $0.14 15-Dec-03
31-Oct-03 $0.14 17-Nov-03
30-Sep-03 $0.14 15-Oct-03
29-Aug-03 $0.14 15-Sep-03
31-Jul-03 $0.14 15-Aug-03
30-Jun-03 $0.14 15-Jul-03
30-May-03 $0.14 16-Jun-03
30-Apr-03 $0.14 15-May-03
31-Mar-03 $0.14 15-Apr-03
28-Feb-03 $0.14 15-Mar-03
31-Jan-03 $0.14 15-Feb-03


Record Date Dividend Payment Date
31-Dec-02 $0.14 15-Jan-03
30-Nov-02 $0.14 15-Dec-02
31-Oct-02 $0.14 15-Nov-02
30-Sep-02 $0.14 15-Oct-02
30-Aug-02 $0.14 15-Sep-02
31-Jul-02 $0.14 15-Aug-02
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